Tincture of walnut peel and shell

When walnut harvesting season comes around, most of the harvested product is thrown away, considering it useless. We are talking about a stiff shell containing many useful components used in medicine, cosmetology, and agriculture. Walnut shell tincture is able to treat inflammation, relieve fatigue and cleanse the skin. It is worth considering how to use this useful product in everyday life and how to prepare it.

The benefits and harms of tincture of walnut shells and peels

It is difficult to overestimate the rich set of micronutrients of the walnut, which is one of the healthiest foods along with honey and legumes. Each part contains a whole range of vitamins. Moreover, in cooking and medicine, they use not only the kernel of the nut, but also the shell, peel and partitions. Only from the hard parts it is more difficult to get useful substances than from the edible part, therefore, tinctures and decoctions are made from the shell and peel, which squeeze useful elements out of the stiff parts.

After conducting a chemical analysis, scientists found that the shell contains:

  • 0.80% fat;
  • 2.52% protein;
  • 35.63% extracts;
  • 60.89% fiber;
  • 1.65% ash.

Insisting the shell on alcohol solutions, it is used in the treatment of blood vessels, especially for varicose veins, hypertension, and inflammatory processes. Unripe green peels are also harvested at the stage when the kernel is just beginning to ripen - in June. It contains up to 10% vitamin C and 3% ascorbic acid, which is necessary to maintain the elasticity of the vessel walls.

When preparing a tincture from walnut shells on vodka, you should know that it is contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers and people suffering from low blood pressure, since alcohol dilates blood vessels even more.

What helps

To use such a useful product as the kernel of a walnut, it is necessary to create all conditions for the growth and development of the tree. Nature has endowed the peel and shell with everything necessary for the emergence of an elixir from many diseases. Vodka tinctures from the pericarp and shells are used in the treatment of:

  • diseases of the genitourinary system of women;
  • pancreas;
  • sore throat;
  • allergies;
  • kidney;
  • skin diseases;
  • varicose veins;
  • insomnia;
  • dental plaque;
  • stomatitis and periodontitis;
  • baldness.
Attention! The high-percentage alcohol used for the preparation of tinctures dries the walls of the stomach, so it cannot be used for ulcers.

How to make a tincture

In order to prepare a tincture from the peel and shell of a walnut, you need to purchase a high-percentage ethanol at the pharmacy, crush the shell as small as possible, pour it into it and leave it for several weeks in a dark place. If there is vodka or moonshine in the house, they will also work, despite the relatively low concentration of alcohol.

Tincture of walnut shells with vodka

It is very simple to prepare such a medicine using vodka. It is necessary to prepare the shell, detailing it as finely as possible. This can be done with a hammer and a kitchen board. Then follow the recipe:

  1. Take a clean 500 ml jar and fill it 2/3 full with crushed shells.
  2. Pour vodka, preferably without additives, to the brim and close tightly with a lid.
  3. Place the tincture in a warm, dark place for 2-3 weeks.
  4. Strain the finished mixture with cheesecloth.
  5. Take the tincture one tablespoon before meals.

Tincture of walnut shells, prepared with vodka, is used for colds and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, for removing toxins from the body, as well as for normalizing the function of the thyroid gland. This is possible due to the high concentration of iodine.

Comment! If the drink seems bitter, you can add 1 teaspoon of sugar to it, but after it has been infused.

Tincture of walnut shells on moonshine

This strong and healthy drink has been popularly known for a long time. Monks spoke about its beneficial properties in the XIII century. The then recipe included insisting on the kernels themselves, unripe shells, peels and even nut twigs. But for the recipe, only the shell is needed during the formation period. You can collect it at the end of June, you need to cut 1 nut and see what form it is in, a suitable shell can be pierced with a needle.

So, according to the recipe, you need to do the following:

  1. Cut the nuts suitable for ripeness together with the shell, peel and only forming kernels and pour half into a three-liter bottle.
  2. Dissolve honey in the amount of 3-5 tablespoons in moonshine.
  3. Pour the moonshine with dissolved honey into a bottle with nuts to the brim and shake.
  4. Place the container with ingredients in a dark place at room temperature for 45 days.
  5. After a month and a half of infusion, the product is ready for use, but it must first be filtered through cheesecloth.

The resulting cognac-colored drink is used to dilate blood vessels, those with sleep problems, to calm the nervous system and cleanse the body as a whole. But do not abuse the drug, since the contained alcohol concentrate dries out the walls of the stomach and can cause heartburn.

Important! Tincture of walnut shells on moonshine has bonding properties and can cause constipation.

Walnut Peel Tincture

A drink made only from green peel without entrails is prepared not only as a delicious alcoholic drink, but also for the treatment of the digestive tract. The only difference is the dose. For treatment, one tablespoon per day on an empty stomach is enough.

To prepare a tincture from the peel, you will need:

  • 1 kg of green dense peel;
  • 250 g sugar;
  • 2 liters of moonshine;
  • 1 liter of water.

The cooking process is as follows:

  1. Cut the green ingredients as small as possible, but so that later the drink can be easily filtered.
  2. Put everything in a fairly deep container or three-liter bottles.
  3. Pour everything with moonshine.
  4. Add sugar and leave in a dark place for 2 months.
  5. Strain the finished drink and it is ready to drink.

The strength of this version of the tincture reaches 42%, it has a dark green color. You should not use it like ordinary vodka, it contains many components that can cause allergies and poisoning of the body if you drink too much.

How to take the tincture

When starting to treat any disease with the help of tinctures from nut ingredients, the doses for each of them should be taken into account. To find out the measure that is set specifically for each organism, you should consult with your doctor and identify possible restrictions in admission that may be associated with various diseases.

Application of tincture of walnut peel

Tincture of green peel, prepared in the above way, is recommended to be eaten in a dosage of one tablespoon 3 times a day after meals. The remedy is shown in such conditions:

  • diarrhea as a firming agent;
  • flu and sore throat - as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory;
  • cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure (alcohol dilates blood vessels only in large doses, in small doses, on the contrary, narrows and dissolves fatty waste in the vessels).

The ascorbic acid contained in nuts, which is necessary for strengthening the immune system and the walls of blood vessels, decreases as the fetus ripens. But in green peel, on the contrary, it rises to 400-800 mg per 100 g of product.

Rubbing alcohol can be used to rub over stretched muscles to relieve inflammation and pain. Alcohol has warming properties when rubbed into the skin.

Important! Professor Kishinevsky, who patented a recipe from the peel on kerosene, argued that the drug was effective in treating cancer.

Application of walnut shell infusion

Walnut shell tincture is used not only internally, but also locally. If you prepare a drug on kerosene, then they can rub the skin with dermatological diseases. With varicose veins, foot baths should be done with the addition of 50 g of the product in half a basin of water.

The substances contained in the shell are similar in composition to activated carbon, therefore, the mixture is suitable for cleansing the body in case of poisoning. The remedy is especially useful in the treatment of inflammatory processes in gynecology, namely, with erosion and inflammation of the cervix. Only in this case, the shell should be insisted on water, boiling it for 10 minutes. The cooled broth must be diluted 1:10 and douching for inflammation, as well as lubricate irritations by moistening a cotton swab in a solution.


Medicines from tinctures of the peel and shell is a fairly concentrated product with the squeezing of the beneficial substances of this fruit. Before taking, there are some side effects that the product may have to consider. In addition to the fact that this drink contains a high percentage of alcohol and for people prone to alcoholism, it is generally contraindicated in order not to become addictive, it can also cause allergies. The nut is considered an allergen and any of its components can provoke a negative reaction of the body. If a person has previously noticed an intolerance to nuts, then the product should be taken very carefully, in consultation with a doctor.


Like any alcoholic drink, tinctures are contraindicated in children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. People who are allergic to nuts and iodine should refrain from the nut product. People with hypertension should take it carefully because of the sodium it contains. The same applies to those suffering from kidney disease, the abnormal functioning of the organ poorly excretes sodium, which leads to an increase in blood pressure.

Essential oils contained in nuts can provoke exacerbation of gastric and duodenal ulcers. For the same reason, they should not be taken by people with low acidity.

Terms and conditions of storage

Tincture of vodka and moonshine can be stored for 3-5 years, depending on storage conditions. Initially, the finished tincture should be poured into darkened bottles to avoid unnecessary exposure to light. If there are none, then the container can be sealed with dark tape or kept wrapped in a dark cloth.

Do not freeze the product. If you store it on the balcony, then you need to monitor weather changes and prevent freezing. But it is best stored in a closet or closet at room temperature. You should check the tincture from time to time to make sure it hasn't turned into vinegar.


Tincture on the shell of walnuts is an alcoholic drink, albeit a healing one. Use it carefully and avoid excessive use. Especially carefully the remedy should be taken by elderly people, whose body does not cope well with the processing of substances.

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