Gooseberry jam for the winter: 11 recipes for the winter

A common shrub plant such as the gooseberry has its own admirers. Many people love its fruits because of its pleasant taste with sourness, while others love its abundant fruiting, which allows them to make many sweet preparations for the winter. One of these blanks is jam, which has long been called "royal". Gooseberry jam allows you to preserve notes of summer mood for the winter, moreover, it is also an excellent filling for homemade baked goods.

Secrets of making gooseberry jam

There are no special secrets for making gooseberry jam, but there are some tips that will help make this delicacy even more delicious, aromatic and beautiful.

The most basic thing is the choice of the berry variety. Naturally, you can prepare blanks for the winter from the fruits of any kind of gooseberry, depending on taste preferences, but the most beautiful jam is obtained from red varieties.

Attention! Most of the pectin is contained in slightly unripe gooseberries, and if the berries are overripe, then to prepare the jam, you will need to add a special thickener (store pectin, gelatin or agar-agar).

Since jam is a dessert that contains no more than 25% liquid, then for its preparation you should take a container that is not too deep, but large in diameter. It is these containers that have a large area of ​​liquid evaporation, which makes it possible to achieve the desired consistency when cooking the berry mass. Also, when choosing a container, you should exclude aluminum dishes, since when in contact with organic acids that are present in gooseberries, this metal can release harmful substances.

Before boiling gooseberry jam, it is imperative to remove the stalks from the berries. The easiest way to do this is with scissors.

Since gooseberry fruits contain rather small but tangible seeds, they will not have the best effect on the consistency of the dessert. You can get rid of them if you wish. There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. The berries are subjected to heat treatment for a long time, after which the resulting mass is ground through a sieve.
  2. Each berry is cut and the pulp with seeds is squeezed out of them (this method is longer and more laborious).

The amount of sugar in recipes is usually indicated with the expectation that the berry has a medium degree of acidity, so the amount can be changed to your liking.

Important! The minimum amount of sugar for making gooseberry jam for the winter should not be less than 600 g per 1 kg of berries, otherwise it will only be necessary to store the dessert in the refrigerator.

For long-term storage, the sweet workpiece must be distributed in sterilized jars with roll-up metal lids, which also need to be boiled.

What berries and fruits can gooseberries be combined with?

Jam made only from gooseberries does not have a particularly pronounced taste, and is also slightly attractive in terms of appearance and aroma, especially if a green variety was used. Therefore, such a dessert is often prepared with the addition of other berries, fruits and even vegetables. Also, spices and other flavoring additives are added to improve the taste and aroma.

There are no special restrictions in supplements. Gooseberries go well with both sweet and sour berries and fruits. Usually, when adding additional ingredients, they completely rely on taste preferences. For example, in order to give a more interesting shade and slightly acidify the jam, it is recommended to add red currants to it. Also, for lovers of desserts with sourness, you can use lemon juice or even lemon slices as an additive. A citrus note can also be obtained by adding orange slices to the jam.

Fruits such as:

  • Apple;
  • pear;
  • apricot;
  • banana;
  • kiwi.

The classic gooseberry jam recipe

The simplest jam, which will require the minimum amount of ingredients, is cooked according to the classic recipe. To prepare it you will need:

  • gooseberries - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 750 g;
  • water - 100 ml.

Cooking method:

  1. The fruits are prepared by removing the stalk, sorting and washing.
  2. The berries are transferred to a container, filled with water and placed on the stove.
  3. Bring to a boil, simmer for 20 minutes.
  4. After 20 minutes, the container is removed from the stove, the berry mass is allowed to cool. Then everything is passed through a meat grinder (you can use a blender).
  5. Add sugar to the resulting puree, put it on the stove, bring it to a boil again, reduce the heat and cook, stirring constantly, until it thickens.
  6. When hot, the jam is transferred to sterilized jars, hermetically closed and turned over, wrapped, left so until it cools completely.

A simple gooseberry jam recipe for the winter

A simple recipe, unlike the classic one, does not imply chopping the fruit after cooking, which greatly simplifies the process of making sweets.


  • gooseberry fruits - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 1 kg;
  • water - 2 tbsp.

Cooking steps:

  1. The collected fruits are sorted out and their stem and tail are removed. Then they are thoroughly washed.
  2. Pour the washed berries into a container, pour 2 tbsp. water.
  3. Put on the stove, bring to a boil and simmer over high heat for about 3 minutes. Then the heat is reduced to medium and cooked for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. After 20 minutes, the berries are kneaded with a spoon, without stopping to cook. After that, sugar is poured into the resulting mass, mix and continue to cook, removing the foam. Cook the jam until it thickens.
  5. The finished berry mass is immediately transferred to sterilized jars, the lids are rolled up, turned over, wrapped and left to cool completely.
Advice! Readiness can be checked as follows: dip the spoon in syrup, then put it in the freezer, wait 2 minutes. After that, hold your finger on the spoon, if the syrup is wrinkled, then the jam is ready.

Thick gooseberry jam with vanilla and gelatin

If the gooseberry fruits were not harvested in time, and they are overripe, then you can cook jam with such berries by adding gelatin.


  • gooseberries - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 1 kg;
  • gelatin - 100 g;
  • vanillin - 1.5-2 g;
  • water - 1 tbsp.

Cooking method:

  1. The berry is peeled and washed.
  2. Pour 1 tbsp into an enamel pan. water and add sugar. Put on the stove and bring to a boil.
  3. Gooseberries are added to the boiling syrup, mixed and cooked over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Then they are removed from the stove and the mass is allowed to cool.
  4. Gelatin and vanillin are poured into the cooled jam. The mass is thoroughly mixed.
  5. Put the pan on the stove again, bring to a boil and simmer over high heat, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes.
  6. After the jam is laid out on the prepared banks.

Grated gooseberry jam for the winter

The grated jam is prepared in almost the same way as the classic version, the only difference is that the semi-finished berry mass is ground through a sieve, simultaneously removing the seeds, and not just crushed.

  • gooseberries - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 800 g;
  • water - 150 ml.

Cooking steps:

  1. The collected berries are carefully sorted out, washed and dried with a paper towel.
  2. Then the berry is transferred to a cooking container. Pour water there.
  3. The container is placed on the stove, brought to a boil and boiled over medium heat, for about half an hour, stirring occasionally.
  4. After the mass is removed from the heat, it is allowed to cool. The cooled berry is rubbed through a fine sieve.
  5. Pour sugar into the resulting puree, mix thoroughly. Leave this way for 30 minutes to dissolve the sugar.
  6. After that, the container with the mass is again placed on the stove, brought to a boil and boiled over low heat. Be sure to remove the foam that appears, and also stir constantly so that the mass does not burn to the bottom.
  7. It is required to cook the jam until it becomes the desired consistency.
  8. Ready jam in a hot state is poured over prepared jars and hermetically closed. Turn over, cover with a towel and leave until it cools completely. After that, the workpiece can be put away for storage.
Attention! This amount of ingredients is calculated for 1 liter of finished product.

Emerald green gooseberry jam with kiwi

Emerald gooseberry jam with kiwi looks very beautiful, has a pleasant aroma, and is also rich in vitamins that are necessary in the cold season.


  • gooseberries - 1 kg;
  • kiwi - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 1.25 kg;
  • lemon juice - 4 tbsp. l.

Cooking method:

  1. The ingredients are prepared, washed thoroughly (it is recommended to remove the peel from the kiwi).
  2. The peeled kiwi is cut into thin half rings.
  3. Gooseberries are chopped through a meat grinder.
  4. Combine the prepared components in an enamelled cooking container, mix, cover with sugar and put on the stove.
  5. Bring the mass to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for about 30 minutes until the kiwi is completely softened.
  6. 2-3 minutes before removing from the stove, pour in lemon juice, mix.
  7. The finished emerald jam is laid out in containers, corked and sent for storage.

Amazing gooseberry and orange jam recipe

Adding orange to gooseberry jam will give the sweet preparation a citrus flavor and flavor.


  1. gooseberry berry - 1 kg;
  2. orange - 2 pcs.;
  3. sugar - 1 kg.

Cooking method:

  1. The gooseberries are washed, the stalk is cut off, the seeds are removed if desired.
  2. The oranges are thoroughly washed and chopped, removing the seeds (the zest should be left).
  3. Prepared ingredients are ground through a meat grinder.
  4. Pour sugar into the fruit and berry puree, mix thoroughly.
  5. Put the mass on the stove, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and extinguish for about 10 minutes.
  6. Hot jam is packaged in sterilized cans, hermetically closed.
Attention! Instead of an orange, you can use grapefruit, you get an equally delicious dessert with a citrus tint.

Gooseberry jam with lemon

Lovers of sourness, as well as those who prefer the most vitamin-rich treats, will certainly appreciate the recipe for gooseberry jam with lemon, which is rich in vitamin C.


  • gooseberry fruits - 1 kg;
  • lemon - ½ pc.;
  • sugar - 1.3 kg;
  • water - 1.5 tbsp.

Cooking method:

  1. The gooseberries are washed, the stalk is removed, and then passed through a meat grinder.
  2. The lemon is washed and cut into small cubes without removing the zest (it can also be minced if desired to obtain a uniform consistency).
  3. Separately dissolve sugar in water, then put sliced ​​lemon into sweet water. Put on the stove and bring to a boil.
  4. Put the gooseberry mass in boiling sugar-lemon syrup, mix thoroughly and boil over medium heat for 5-10 minutes. Remove from the stove, allow to cool.
  5. The cooled jam is put back on the stove, brought to a boil, and boiled for about 10 minutes. The procedure is repeated again.
  6. After the last boiling hot, the finished jam is laid out in sterilized jars, tightly closed.

Apple-gooseberry jam

An apple-gooseberry jam is very tender and pleasant to the taste, for the preparation of which you will need:

  • gooseberries - 1.5 kg;
  • apples - 500 g;
  • sugar - 2 kg.

Cooking method:

  1. Rinse the gooseberries, peel and place in a blender container. Grind until smooth.
  2. Pour the resulting puree into an enamel bowl, add 250 g of sugar.
  3. Wash the apples, peel, core, then cut into small cubes.
  4. Transfer the chopped apples to the berry puree, cover with the remaining (250 g) sugar. Stir and leave for 2 hours.
  5. After 2 hours, send the berry-fruit mass to the stove, bring to a boil and boil for 5-7 minutes, removing the emerging foam. After removing from the stove, let cool.
  6. After cooling, it is necessary to boil it again, then pour the sweet blank into the prepared jars while hot.

Delicate gooseberry and red currant jam

Gooseberry jam with red currants, the method of preparation is similar to the option where apples are added. Only in this case, both ingredients are crushed to a puree mass.

What you need:

  • gooseberries - 1.5 kg;
  • red currant - 500 g;
  • granulated sugar - 1.8 kg.

Cooking steps:

  1. Both types of berries are sorted out, washed and chopped through a meat grinder or using a blender.
  2. Pour sugar into the resulting puree, mix and leave until it is completely dissolved.
  3. Put the sugar mass on the stove, bring to a boil and simmer for about 10 minutes. Remove from the stove, allow to cool.
  4. After cooling down, the procedure is repeated.
  5. Then, hot, the dessert is transferred to a prepared container, hermetically closed.

Fragrant gooseberry jam with mint

Mint is able to give a pleasant aroma and flavor to an ordinary winter, sweet preparation, so its addition to gooseberry jam makes it special.

For cooking you will need:

  • gooseberry berry - 1.5 kg;
  • water - 250 ml;
  • fresh mint - 5-6 branches;
  • a mixture of gelatin and sugar (3: 1) - 500 g.

Cooking method:

  1. The gooseberries are washed and the stalks are trimmed.
  2. The prepared berries are transferred to a saucepan, poured with water, placed on the stove, brought to a boil and cooked over medium heat for 15 minutes. During the cooking process, the berries should be kneaded.
  3. After 15 minutes, remove the pan from the stove, allow the mass to cool and rub it through a sieve.
  4. The resulting puree is again transferred to a saucepan, gelling sugar is added, mixed and placed on the stove.
  5. Bring the mass to a boil, boil over low heat for 4-5 minutes.
  6. Remove the finished jam from the stove, add the separated and washed mint leaves. Stirred and poured into cans, sterilized in advance.

How to cook gooseberry jam in a slow cooker

To make gooseberry jam in a slow cooker, you can use any recipe, but the most delicious is the option with lemon zest and cinnamon.


  • gooseberry fruits - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 700 g;
  • lemon zest - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • cinnamon - 0.5 tsp.

Cooking method:

  1. The berry is washed and peeled, then transferred to the multicooker bowl.
  2. All other ingredients are also sent there.
  3. Then select the "Extinguishing" program, set the timer for 30 minutes, press "Start".
  4. After 30 minutes the jam is stirred, allowed to cool and the "Stew" program is switched on again for the same time. The procedure is performed 3 times.
  5. The finished dessert is transferred to jars, tightly closed.

Storage rules

You can store gooseberry jam if all requirements are met during its preparation, as well as in a hermetically sealed container, for up to 2 years. The storage area should be dark, cool and dry. Storage in a cellar or basement is ideal. An open treat is stored in the refrigerator for no more than a month.


Gooseberry jam is a very tasty and healthy winter preparation. It is not in vain called "royal", because it is a real sweet and useful medicine for the body in the cold season.

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