How to make a sandbox in the country with your own hands

If the family has small children, then sooner or later a sandbox should appear in the country. Sand for children is a unique material from which you can make a cutlet for dad, build a castle for the queen-mom, build a large transport highway for cars or draw a portrait of your beloved dog. A child's fantasy sometimes surprises with its scope, but many adults do not want to show their creativity and skills to build a full-fledged sandbox, simply pouring a mountain of sand onto the surface of the earth. Over time, the sand is washed away by the rain, the toys from the sandbox “go for a walk” around the yard and the child is no longer interested in playing on this site object. The situation can be corrected by building a stationary, comfortable sandbox, which will become a place of attraction for children for a long time. A sandbox for giving with your own hands will not cause much trouble for caring parents, because building a high-quality, environmentally friendly frame requires a minimum of financial costs and a little time. At the same time, you do not need to be an engineer or a designer at all, because you can use ready-made ideas and schemes for the construction of such objects.

Simple ideas for every parent

Before thinking about creating a sandbox, you need to assess your strength, the availability of free time and the necessary materials and tools. If everything is enough, then you can think about building a complex, but quite entertaining structure. In the case when you need to build a sandbox quickly and you do not plan to invest any special costs on it, then you can choose one of the simple construction options that not only a skilled dad, but even an inexperienced mother can implement. Several such sandbox options are suggested below.

Log sandbox

Erecting a sand frame from logs is one of the easiest options. Such material is easy to find, it has an affordable cost, and is environmentally friendly. A sandbox made of logs can not only attract children to play, but also complement a backyard, which is designed in a rustic style.

It is worth noting that logs can be used for sandbox construction in several ways. For example, if you have four logs, you can create a frame in the form of a rectangle or square. The logs must be fastened together in several places with long nails or self-tapping screws. The rough surface of the logs must be protected with a planed, painted board that will not threaten children with splinters. An example of such a sandbox is shown in the photo:

Perhaps a slightly more complex version of the construction of a sand frame can be done using 4 stumps and the same amount of logs. In this case, the stumps will function as seats, which does not require additional construction of benches from the board. In this option, special attention should be paid to wood processing: it must be well cleaned and sanded.

For craftsmen who have experience in laying log cabins, it will not be difficult to create a sandbox according to the following option:

A sufficiently high frame of such a structure allows it to be filled with a large volume of sand, while the toys will be in the sandbox without scattering outside of it.

Sand frames made of logs are durable and reliable. The rounded shapes of the wood ensure the safety of the baby and even if the baby hits, it will not get serious injuries.

Hemp sandboxes

To create a frame, you can use planed hemp round logs. Their diameters and heights can be equal or different. Options for such sandboxes are shown below in the photo.

The hemp sandbox will look easier if you use elements of equal height and diameter as shown in the photo:

They look interesting on a construction site with an original shape and different hemp heights.

In order to make a children's sandbox from hemp with your own hands, you need to set the contour of the future object, then remove the top layer of soil and dig a small groove around the perimeter. Hemp is vertically installed in this groove, hammering them a little with hammers. Wooden elements must first be treated with antiseptic agents that will prevent the development of decay and the effects of pests. Varnish or paint will protect the wood from exposure to sunlight and preserve the decorative effect of the sandbox for a long time.

When erecting a frame made of hemp, it is necessary to protect the lower part of the logs with a waterproofing material, which will additionally fasten the elements together and give the structure rigidity. A photo of the construction of a structure made of wooden hemp can be seen below.

Building a hemp sandbox takes time and imagination from the creator. However, such designs always look original and, for sure, will appeal to every child.

The easiest option

For parents who have no time at all, the easiest way to create a sandbox using a car tire may be suitable. To do this, you just need to cut off the rim of the large wheel on one side and decorate the brightly obtained sandbox. An example of such a sand frame can be seen in the photo:

If you have several car tires, you can build a more complex and original design. To do this, cut the tires in half and make them, for example, in the shape of a flower. The edges of the tires must be stitched with staples or wire.

Using tires to build a children's sandbox with your own hands is the simplest option that even the baby's mother can bring to life.

Purchasing a ready-made sandbox

For some parents, it is much easier to purchase a ready-made plastic sandbox for their summer cottage than to tinker with construction on their own. This option is not only the simplest, but also the most expensive, because a large sandbox does not cost little money. At the same time, it is necessary to note some significant advantages of plastic structures:

  • plastic does not rot and is not susceptible to pests;
  • during operation, there is no need to process the surface of the structure;
  • if necessary, the lightweight frame can be moved from one place to another.

Important! A plastic sandbox with a lid with a diameter of 80 cm costs about 5,000 rubles.

Construction of a sandbox from boards: a detailed description of the technology

Plank is one of the most used building materials, including sand frame construction. There are specially designed schemes for the construction of wooden sandboxes, which anyone can use.

In order to understand how to make a sandbox from boards as simple as possible, you need to study the given technology:

  • mark the place for installing the frame, remove the top layer of soil;
  • drive in bars in the corners of the future object of the playground;
  • fix the planed board to the bars along the perimeter of the structure;
  • fix wooden plates horizontally on the corners of the sandbox, which will serve as seats.

A drawing of a frame for sand from boards corresponding to the given technology can be seen below.

It is worth noting that even before collecting such a frame, all its wooden elements need to be planed and covered with anti-fungal agents, varnished, painted. In general, with this simple technology, you can get an excellent sandbox for children.

Important! The recommended dimensions for a wooden sandbox are 2x2 m. The height of the sides should be approximately 0.4 m.

Original, multifunctional options

A sandbox for a summer residence, built with your own hands in the shape of a car or a boat, can truly surprise and delight your baby. To create a structure, you will have to spend a lot of time and at the same time show all your skill.

A boat with sand can be built from boards that are joined in two places with a bar and in three places with nails to each other. You can add additional rigidity to the structure using horizontally located boards along the upper edge of the sandbox. They will also function as benches. When installing the boat, bars are vertically installed in four corners, onto which a rag roof is attached from above, if necessary. You can finish creating the composition by setting the steering wheel. You can see the sandbox-boat made according to the described technology in the photo:

The easiest way to create a car-like sand frame is to use the appropriate design elements and a suitable paint job. In the photo below you can see an example of such a suburban construction.

A more complex version of the sandbox, made in the form of a machine, is shown below in the photo. Only a real master can build it in the country with his own hands.

Frameworks in the form of cars and boats are not only a place for storing sand, but also an independent object for the game, an original decoration of landscape design.

Sandboxes with protection

When creating a sandbox in the country, care should be taken to protect the child from the sun's rays. For this, a rag or wooden roof can be installed above the structure. The photo below shows the simplest example of such a structure.

Such a sandbox in the country requires a competent approach to construction. The rafter part must be made of bars with a side of at least 4 cm, securely fixing them to the frame. The option using fabric to create a roof is much easier and cheaper to create than an analogue with a wooden roof. At the same time, the fabric is less strong and durable material. An example of the construction of a sand frame with a wooden roof can be seen below in the photo.

Loose sand in the yard can be not only a joy for a child, but also a source of health problems. The thing is that pets can use sand as a toilet, and small children, unaware of the possible danger, rub their eyes with their hands, wipe their mouths, infecting their bodies with helminths.

To protect sand from pets and dirt, debris, special covers can be used, which are designed at the stage of creating the frame. An example of building a sandbox with a lid is shown in the video:

A sand frame with a protective cover can be safely called a transformer, since at the time of the game, the sandbox cover can become a convenient bench for children.

Basic principles of building a sandbox

The choice of the scheme and method of building a sandbox depends on the desires, imaginations, capabilities and abilities of the master. However, in order to understand how to make a children's sandbox correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with some general rules and requirements, recommendations:

  1. The structure with sand in the country should be installed in a place with a good view, so that the children are always under supervision.
  2. The relief of the area where it is planned to install the frame must be leveled so that the streams of rainwater do not wash out the sand.
  3. It is better to install a sandbox without a roof in the shade of tall plants. Their crown will protect children from direct sunlight.
  4. You can replace the fixed roof of the structure with a large beach umbrella.
  5. Drainage material must be placed in the base of the sandbox under the frame. It can be a piece of linoleum with small holes through which rainwater will drain. Linoleum will not allow weeds to grow through the thickness of the sand and mix the filling of the frame with the sod soil. You can replace linoleum with geotextiles, which will perform all the necessary functions.
  6. After children play, the sand must be covered with a protective material or a lid. Polyethylene can be used as a protective material. Under it, the sand will remain clean of litter and animal feces, dry after rain.
  7. When installing, the frame should be dug into the ground, in order to prevent the sand washing out.
  8. All wooden parts of the frame must be well sanded and treated with antiseptic agents. This will ensure the safety of children and maintain the structure for a long period of time.
  9. The presence of benches and benches will make the play of kids with sand more convenient.
  10. For kids under 5 years old, the recommended size of the side of the sandbox is only 1.7 m, however, do not forget that even at a later age, children play with sand, which means it is better to increase the dimensions of the frame.
  11. It is convenient to use a sandbox with a formwork height of 30 to 50 cm, depending on the age of the child.
  12. It is better to fasten wooden elements with self-tapping screws, which will firmly hold the structure for many years.
  13. Plastic sandboxes and car tire structures are mobile. It is easy to move them from one place to another if necessary.
  14. A layer of sand for a full-fledged play of children should not be less than 20 cm.

Observing simple construction rules, even the most inept craftsmen will be able to build children's sandboxes for a summer residence with their own hands. Subject to the rules and recommendations for the construction of structures, you can guarantee the quality and durability, and, most importantly, the convenience of the facility for children.

The sandbox will be able to solve the issue of the employment of children in the country, developing their imagination and fine motor skills. In turn, parents, creating a playground object with their own hands, will fully demonstrate their care for the kids and love for them. Having studied the proposed schemes and photos of the sandboxes, the whole family will be able to choose the best option for themselves and bring it to life with joint efforts. After all, there is no more interesting activity for children than helping adults, and then playing in the sandbox, which was built, among other things, with their participation.

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