How to make a bed of plastic bottles

Than only in the country they do not fence the beds. All kinds of materials lying around in the yard are used. By right, a plastic bottle can be considered a hero of our time. The farm is trying to adapt it as a feeder, drinker, watering device, etc. Gardeners are popular with beds made of plastic bottles, where you can grow flowers and garden crops.

Options for making beds from PET bottles

Making beautiful flower beds from PET bottles with your own hands is not difficult. Probably the most difficult job can be considered the delivery of containers from the landfill. You will have to visit this unpleasant place, because for large beds you will need a lot of plastic containers. So, let's look at different options for the cultivation of a summer cottage.

Advice! To get a beautiful garden bed, you need to try to collect multi-colored plastic bottles, and combine different fence options from them.

The simplest curb

The simplest fence of a flower bed can be made with your own hands simply by digging in bottles along the contour of the garden. It should be noted right away that a very large number of containers will be needed. Only one bottle size is chosen. It is optimal to use containers with a capacity of 1.5–2 liters for the curb.

Now let's dwell on color. The transparent bottles inside can be painted in any color. This gives free rein to fantasy and fiction. To do this, take white acrylic paint, add the color you like, and then dilute it to a liquid consistency. It is very easy to paint the inner walls of the bottle. A little liquid paint is poured into the container, closed with a cork and shaken strongly. After achieving the desired effect, the excess paint is drained.

Advice! If you are lucky enough to collect multi-colored plastic containers, the dyeing process disappears. The plastic retains its original color for a long time, without fading even in the sun.

A border from plastic containers can be made in three ways:

  • In each bottle, a part tapering to the neck is cut off. A container with a bottom is tightly clogged with damp soil, and in an inverted form, it is dug in along the contour of the garden.
  • In order not to cut off the neck of each bottle, you will need a lot of dry sand or soil. All containers are filled with a loose filler to the very top, after which they are twisted with corks. Further work consists of the same dropping of the bottles upside down.
  • From brown or green bottles with your own hands it will turn out to make the simplest heating of the garden. The whole container is filled with ordinary water, tightly twisted with corks, and then, in a similar way, it is dug in along the contour of the garden. Since the dark color attracts the heat of the sun well, the bottled water will heat up during the day. At night, the accumulated heat will heat the soil of the garden bed together with the root system of the growing plantations.

All options for the borders made will last for many seasons. If necessary, the fence of the garden bed can be easily removed from the ground to be moved to another place or simply thrown away.

Making a vertical flower bed

In a small summer cottage, a vertical flower bed allows you to save space, but at the same time grow as many flowers or strawberries as possible. There are many options for making vertical beds, but in any case, a strong support is needed to secure the bottles. Any vertical structure will act as it.This can be a wall of a building, a fence, a mesh fence, a pole, or a knocked down wooden board.

Consider two manufacturing options vertical beds:

  • In all plastic bottles, the bottoms are cut off, and a hole with a diameter of 3 mm is drilled in the center of the cork. A window for the plant is cut out in the side wall. The bottles at the narrowing area near the neck are filled with a drainage layer consisting of coarse sand with fine stone. Further, fertile soil is poured along the level of the window, after which the bottles are fixed on a vertical support with the neck down. Each superior container should rest against the bottom of the bottom bottle with its neck. When the entire vertical row of the bed is ready, a plant is planted in each window.
  • The second option for making a vertical bed requires soldering with a hot gun. In all containers, the bottom and the tapering top are cut off. The resulting barrels are glued with a hot gun into a long tube, which is then fixed to a vertical support. A thin drainage pipe wrapped in burlap is inserted inside the resulting tube. This device is useful for watering plants. Soil is poured into the tube, windows are cut out on the side wall with a knife, where the favorite plant is populated.

Having shown imagination, you can make it yourself from plastic containers high beds complex shape. Let's say that after making an ordinary vertical bed, there are a lot of bottoms cut off from the bottles. They will make an excellent flower vase. As the base of the structure, you will temporarily need a large children's ball. The bottoms of the bottles are glued together with a hot gun, but they are not fixed to the ball. It is only needed to shape the garden bed. From the bottoms, a ball should turn out, as shown in the photo, but a large neck remains at the bottom for filling the soil and planting plants.

The finished ball is turned upside down, the ball is deflated and taken out from the inside. The resulting spherical flowerpot is installed in a permanent place. For reliability, the bottom can be cemented. The bottom of the flowerpot and the side walls are covered with geotextiles. It will prevent the soil from spilling out, plus it will allow excess water to leave the garden after rain. Fertile soil is poured inside the flowerpot and plants are planted.

Advice! By a similar method, the bed can be given any shape, for example, a boat.

Suspended flower beds

Ornamental plants and flowers look beautiful in hanging beds. In fact, this design resembles a flowerpot, only a plastic bottle is hung instead of a flower pot. The container can be positioned with the neck up or down, as you like.

Consider one of the examples of making a suspended bed:

  • A large through window is cut out in the side walls. From below, the side is left higher to create a place for the ground.
  • From above, the bottle is pierced through and a rope is pulled through the holes for hanging. Instead of a cord, a chain or simple wire will do.
  • A drainage hole is drilled from the bottom of the bottle. Excess water after watering will drain through it. If a container with a flower will hang under a canopy, you need to take care of a small pallet. Otherwise, after each watering, dirty water will drip onto the floor or a passing person.

I pour soil inside the prepared bottle, plant a plant, and then hang it on a nail or hook.

Original flower beds from large bottles

If there are small children at home, you can make a fabulous flower bed for them with your own hands. The heroes of modern cartoons are trains, robots, cars, etc. All these characters can be made from large five-liter containers. Typically, these bottles are made from transparent plastic, so the beauty will have to be done with paint.

The easiest way is to make a train with carriages, a boat or a pig out of bottles. The basis of the design is a container laid on one side with a hole cut from the top for planting flowers. Next, you need to include your imagination.Small bottle caps are suitable for making eyes, buttons and other small parts. Wide corks taken from five-liter bottles will replace the wheels of a train or car. If the bed is in the shape of a pig, the ears are cut out of a colored bottle, and a patch on the cork can be drawn with a marker.

The video shows a master class on a flower bed made of bottles:

Two more ways to make a vertical bed from bottles

Now we will consider two more ways how to make a garden out of plastic bottles so that it takes up a minimum of space in the yard and is beautiful. By right, these structures can also be called vertical.

Boat wall

This method of making vertical beds is suitable even for decorating walls finished with expensive decorative plaster. The point is that the wall does not have to be drilled to secure the bottles. All containers are suspended on ropes according to the principle of a rope ladder. For each row, it is optimal to use one color of the plastic container in order to achieve aesthetics.

For the manufacture of a bed in all bottles, one large window is cut out from the side. In the horizontal view, the container resembles a small boat. Further, small but strong hooks must be fixed to the eaves of the building. They must support the weight of the boats with the soil. On each bottle, in the area of ​​the neck and bottom, through holes are made through which a nylon cord is pulled. A thick knot is tied on a rope under the container of each row. He will not let the bottle slide down.

Optimally, each ladder should be made with a step between the boats of 50 cm, and all adjacent rows must be suspended with an offset up or down by 25 cm.Even horizontal rows of boats will turn out on the wall, but the bottles themselves will hang relative to each other in a checkerboard pattern. This arrangement will help to optimally cover the entire wall area, while maintaining a large space between the bottles in a vertical row for free plant growth.

Bed pyramid

To make this model of the garden, you will need to build a pyramid. What size it will be depends on the owner. If the household has a wooden beam, the pyramid frame can be assembled from it. On the lintels, horizontally laid five-liter bottles with a cut-out window for plants are fixed with self-tapping screws.

A flower garden pyramid can be made from boards. On each tier, the workpieces are placed flat or at a slight angle. Holes are drilled under the flowerpots in the boards with a drill with a round nozzle. The bottles are cut in half, the neck is discarded, and the lower part is inserted into the prepared holes. To prevent the pots from falling out of the pyramid, the upper edge of the bottle is folded back, after which they are fixed to the board with a stapler or self-tapping screw.


There are a lot of options for making beds from plastic containers. There are no requirements for these structures, so each master shows his own talent.

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