Landscaping on 6 acres: design rules, ideas, photos

In many regions, land plots do not exceed 6 acres. It is believed that this is a small area where it is difficult to come up with anything other than a vegetable garden and a couple of flower beds. However, this is not at all the case. Competently selected landscape design on 6 acres, is able to transform the site beyond recognition. The main building is a residential building. And the secondary objects are so diverse that the project of each plot on 6 acres is completely unrepeatable.

So that your 6 acres does not look like a continuous jumble of forms and styles, you must determine in advance which zones and buildings need to be designed. Design ideas will help you create a site that will meet all your needs. And to plan the landscape suburban area design you can do it yourself.

Let's go to practice

Owners of a plot of six acres first need to feel the size of their summer cottage. Translated into meters, this is an area of ​​600 square meters, which, for example, can correspond to dimensions of 20x30 m, 15x40 m, 25x24. There are a lot of options, but in the end more than 6 acres will not work. The next step is to compile a list of required buildings. Landscaping projects for a suburban area of ​​6 acres usually include:

  1. House... Dimensions depend on capabilities and functionality.
  2. Household buildings... It is good if they are included in one block with appropriate communications.
  3. Summer "bathroom"... This refers to shower and toilet.
  4. Parking... It can be closed or just under a canopy. Place it at the beginning of the yard, not in the back. This will save space on the access road.
  5. Recreation areas... There can be as many of them as space allows. This is not always a large area; seating areas include benches, a gazebo, an area near a reservoir, a rocking chair or a small playground for children.
  6. Decorative constructions... Not required for landscaping on 6 acres, but desirable. A small reservoir, rock garden, fountain or pond will decorate any suburban area.
  7. Ornamental plantings... In landscape design on 6 acres, these are shrubs (berry and decorative), conifers.
  8. Flower bed... It is often enough to have one well-planned flower bed in a landscape design project. It is worth choosing plants according to the colors and flowering periods, and your flower bed will be a bright decoration throughout the season.
  9. Garden... Modern summer residents use landscape design ideas on 6 acres when placing beds and greenhouses, make beds with spices or ornamental cabbage, vertical planting of strawberries, etc. Place the garden so that the house or garden does not shade it.
  10. Fruit trees... It is not always possible to envisage an orchard in landscape design on 6 acres, but several favorite trees will take their place.

Each name implies the ratio of sizes and shapes. For 6 acres, it is not necessary to include buildings with large dimensions in projects. A bathhouse or a summer kitchen can be quite small, but cozy and decorated. The pool is made mobile or decorative, the terrace replaces the gazebo.

Some recommendations for summer residents

In the process of designing the landscape design of the site, it is necessary to take into account:

  • terrain relief;
  • the shape of the site;
  • soil type;
  • availability of water resources, including groundwater;
  • location of communications;
  • requirements of building codes and regulations.

As soon as the list of desired buildings is approved by all family members, we proceed to the very layout of landscape design on a plot of 6 acres. It is best to get acquainted with the original ideas of the finished projects. Examples of landscape design perfectly demonstrate photos of finished layouts.

To begin with, we will list some of the nuances that it is advisable to take into account when designing on 6 acres. This is not a very large area, and small areas are clearly visible. Therefore, the fence creates a feeling of constriction. Try to soften the outline of the common fence with plants, or use a mesh instead of a regular fence. You can put vines or decorative grapes on it. If this option is not suitable for your project, then use a combination of different materials or paint the fence in neutral tones to remove the accent.

Pergolas with climbing plants, placed in several places, will help to reduce the visibility of a plot of 6 acres.

A green lawn will expand the space, even if it is very small. The laid wooden blocks in the form of paths will make the area very decorative.

For landscape design on 6 acres, you should not plan straight paths. This will make the area more curved and smoother.

Planting in the garden can be placed in the form of an original flower bed.

Vertical beds are an amazing decoration of landscape design.

It looks creative, especially in small areas.

When designing landscape design on 6 acres, do not forget about priorities. It is simply unrealistic to arrange all possible types of buildings. Therefore, take into account the size and tie the rest of the zones to them so that the combination is harmonious.

Any mini design can be attractive too, especially when combined with a lawn.

The barbecue area should be located on the windy side of the site to provide air for the fire.

An excellent option is the autonomy of the zones.

Each of them can be connected by stairs and paths, and the retaining walls serve as reinforcement and decoration at the same time.

Any photo does not convey all the charm of nature on the site. But it can show the basic principles of landscape design on 6 acres. Using ready-made ideas, don't be afraid to repeat yourself. After all, if the site is slightly different in shape or relief, then an exact copy will not work even with great effort. With the right approach, landscape design on 6 acres can be effective and very convenient to use.

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