Petrol snow blower Huter sgc 4800

Throwing snowdrifts by hand is too long and difficult. It is much more convenient and faster to remove them with a snow blower. But in order to get the right model with the right parameters, it is necessary to evaluate all the technical characteristics of the snow blower. It is also preferable to read reviews from experienced users. The most popular sample is considered snow blower Huter SGC 4800. It will be discussed further.

General information

The snow blower 4800 is a machine suitable for owners of private, country houses, for cleaning areas around cafes, bars, restaurants, supermarkets. It will overcome both recently fallen snow and compressed old snow. The device is able to burst into the snow up to half a meter deep, capturing 60 cm. Width in one pass. Hooter 4800 will overcome a large amount of snow in a short period of time. The machine is equipped with 7 speeds: 5 for forward and 2 for reverse. The snow blower travel speed adjusts the distance the snow is thrown. At a speed of 50 km / h, the snow flies 5-7 meters. The device can clear up to 4000 square meters at a time. snow. To understand the features of a snow blower from the inside, you need to study the reviews of people who have used it in real life.


Consider the technical characteristics of this unit. This is necessary to draw up an objective assessment.

Snow blower Hooter 4800 has:

  • Power - 4800 W;
  • Weight - 64 kg;
  • Four-stroke engine;
  • Headlamp for night work;
  • Manual and electric starter;
  • Gasoline tank with a capacity of 3.6 liters;
  • 7 speeds.

This is a snowplow of the well-known German company Hooter, assembled in China. If necessary, there are many service centers for troubleshooting.

The Huter 4800 snow blower, the video of which is presented below, is powerful and durable, therefore it is popular.

Features of the

The advantages include:

  1. Easy start.
  2. Powerful engine.
  3. Bucket protective coating.
  4. Large grip (61 cm.)

The SCG 4800 snow blower is practical to operate. Operate the machine using levers conveniently located nearby. All derailleur knobs are covered with a special anti-slip material for comfortable use. A very important point is that compressed snow is not a problem for the snowplow. Referring to user reviews, we can conclude that this is a universal model, because it will turn frozen snow into powder. The wheels of the snow blower have special protectors that allow you to drive on ice and deep snow ditches. In winter, it is important that the snowplow starts up immediately, because the frosty season makes this process difficult. For the Huter 4800, this is not a problem. It is equipped with a special dual-start system, so it always starts up, even at too low temperatures.

Attention! The only drawback of the manufacturer is that it is not equipped with a battery, you need to buy it separately.

Principle of use

First of all, you need to read the instruction manual. The Huter SGC 4800 snow blower is very impressive and easy to use. The most important thing is to get started with the snow blower correctly. Reviews say that many operators forget to attach a minus wire to the ground. This gives the impression that the snow blower is not working. Therefore, the first step is to pull it out of the protective case and attach the wire to the screw on the bendix.

Advice! It must be ensured that the Huter SGC 4800 snow blower always has well-tensioned belts, which transfer movement to the working systems.

It is practical, as the battery on the Hooter 4800 snow blower is charged very quickly.

Care advice

If you follow some simple rules for using a snow blower, you won't have to worry about breakdowns.

Huther needs the following care:

  1. Cleaning after use. With the help of a brush, we clean the gutter and all the places where snow has adhered. Then you need to wash the snowfield with warm water and wipe it. The Huter 4800 should be stored in a dry and relatively warm place.
  2. After application, you need to drain off the remaining gasoline and oil, especially if the snow thrower will not work until the next season.
  3. The battery should be stored separately from the engine.
  4. For long-term storage, it is better to pack the snow thrower in a box or foil.

If you take into account all the features of storage and operation, the snowplow will last a long time and will clean snow efficiently.

User reviews

Today it has become very popular to leave reviews about the purchased item to share your experience. Here's what they write about Hooter 4800:

Alexander, 32 years old, Omsk
Recently I bought a Huter SGC 4800 petrol snow blower. I am satisfied with the purchase. Although the car is made in China, the quality pleased me. Separately, I would like to dwell on comfort: comfortable, ergonomic in all respects.

Dmitry, 45 years old, Moscow
I bought it as a present for my father in the village. Snowblower Hooter 4800, reviews of which are only positive, pleasantly surprised. The price-quality ratio is fully consistent. Thanks to the producers. There is no snow in the yard in winter.

Vladimir Stepanovich, 62 years old, Tomsk region
A worthy purchase. The Huter SGC 4800 snow blower, a video review of which has buyers, is practical. For me, as an older person, it is important that it is easy to operate the snowplow. The description of the parameters alarmed at first - the snowplow is too good, but after testing it in reality, everything turned out to be true.

Elena, 43 years old, Angarsk
There is no better device for snow removal. The Huter SGC 4800 snow blower, reviews of which has been revised many times, fully meets all the characteristics.


As it turned out, the Huter 4800 snow blower has only positive reviews, so you can safely purchase a snowfield for yourself.

The snow removal machine will perfectly fit both the household set of the summer resident and the owner of a cafe or restaurant. The main thing is to be able to take care of the snow blower, then it will serve its owner for a long time.

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  1. Huter 4800 is not satisfied with the snow blower. At the beginning I worked for joy, after a month it seemed like the clutch disc on the auger and the impeller began to slip, now it is idle. This is a technique for poplar fluff only!

    04.03.2018 at 09:03
    Denis Stary
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